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The Golf Exercise Equipment You Should Have at Home: Part 3

Team Hit IT Great Mar 28, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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The march to golf season (unless you’re a Floridian) is officially on.

Sure, many of us have been tempted by “fake spring” a few times, but the warmer weather is dead ahead. If you’ve been working out at home during the winter, have you exercised in a way that helps your golf swing?

You can, in fact, train for golf using exercise equipment that you already have at home–or that is inexpensive and readily available online.

This is the third installment of a three-part series. In Part 1 of our blog series, we looked at golf fitness and the required equipment, and in Part 2 we zeroed in on three products that you can find on the Hit It Great online store.

We’re continuing with three more products that will help your body prepare for the upcoming golf season. Let’s get into it.

1. Slant Board

Elevated Squat

The slant board is an inexpensive and beneficial piece of exercise equipment that you can use year-round, especially at home. In the video above and in the description below, you’ll see Coach Aaron walk through a simple workout that builds strength in the lower body to help you hit the ball better.

Exercise: Heels Elevated Squat

This one is simple! On the slant board, you’ll elevate your heels 3-4” on the board (everyone is different, but this is typical). To get started, you apply pressure on your back heels and move into a squat -- try to get as low as possible without your knees caving out or in.

The benefit here is to get your glutes stretched out and activated, while going as low as you can. This helps your golf swing by getting the glutes activated and being in proper form at address; by adding weight, you increase your strength with more reps and you’ll increase power over time. Everyone wants to hit the ball farther, right?

Slant Board Exercise

2. Weighted Bar

Weighted Bar

There are so many exercises you can do with a weighted bar, which is great for strength training and improving your flexibility.

We enlisted the help of Coach Aaron to take you through this next movement.

Exercise: Reverse Lunge with Rotation

The first step is to make sure you’re stable to the ground. This is key!

Take a step back, then drop your back knee and ensure both legs are at 90 degrees with your back leg hovering just above the ground. Once you’re in the lunge position, do a quick rotation of your body and then unwind to stand up.

This exercise will help build strength in your legs and build mobility in your thoracic spine -- also, you’re going to feel more stable! Golf is about stability and balance, so we’re working from the ground up. By training for both, you’ll reduce the swaying in your swing and stay consistent. 

3. Speed Sticks

Speed Stick

Finally, let’s end with a speed sticks workout. Speed sticks are a great tool for warming up before you play golf, and with their added weight, they’re ideal for speed training -- and we always want more speed.

Exercise: Speed Stick Speed Training

The idea is to set up in your golf posture -- and take a swing as fast as possible!

When making these swings, don’t think about fundamentals, mechanics or positioning. These swings don’t involve a golf ball…we’re only looking for speed here.

As Coach Aaron says, “we’re taking the governor off your body.”

Swing hard, swing fast and repeat the movement. What we’re doing is teaching the body to move faster than it’s used to, and allowing it to learn and train to gain speed. Before your round, use this workout to do a 10-15 minute warmup which will help you start to move properly.

More speed is, well, more clubhead speed. The game is easier with shorter clubs in your hand and it’s more fun to hit the ball farther, so we’d call it a win-win.

This should always compliment a fitness program that’s already in place; without knowing your limits and understanding your body, you increase the likelihood of an injury.

If you watched these videos and read the blog, and now want some of this exercise equipment in your home, don’t forget to stop by the Hit IT Great online store. Every product from our “home exercise equipment” series is available there!

You can also pick up a copy of Coach Joey D's and Coach Kolby "K-Wayne" Tullier's new book, Hang the Banner! Inside, you'll find a complete training program that can be done either at home by players at any fitness level!

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