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Open The Gate: Unlock Your Hip Mobility for a more Powerful Golf Swing

Team Hit IT Great Jul 12, 2023 4:05:00 PM


Imagine standing on the inside edge of a sand trap, your ball nestled like a pearl in an oyster. You've read about how to execute this shot a hundred times. You know the theory, the technique, the exact angle your club needs to enter the sand. But as you swing, your body doesn't quite cooperate and the ball stubbornly remains in its sandy bed.


Or picture yourself on a sloping fairway, trying to adjust your swing for an uneven lie. You've read the articles. You’ve seen the pros on TV show you the way. You’ve studied the adjustments needed, but when you try to execute, something feels off. Your swing feels awkward, your balance is shaky, and the ball veers off course.

These challenging shots, and others like them, require more than just being a good student of the golf swing. They require a body that has the required balance, strength, and the ability to rotate. If your body can provide these, executing these shots becomes simpler and more consistent.


In this month's Big 3 feature in the Hit It Great® training app, Coach Joey D focuses on the lower body with exercises designed to improve all of the above. But today, we're sharing one exercise in particular you can do right now that can help make a difference: Standing Hip Mobility, or as we like to call it, "Open The Gate."

The Importance of Lower Body in Golf

One of the things that happens in golf, and Coach Joey D has observed this for decades, is that your body has to be completely involved from the ground up for the golf swing to be efficient. This means that your lower body, especially your hips, plays a crucial role in your swing.

But it's not just about the hips. Your lower body is the foundation of your swing. It provides the balance needed to maintain your swing plane. It provides the strength to generate power. And, as we've discussed in previous articles, it provides the mobility to rotate efficiently. Without a strong and flexible lower body, your swing can suffer.

Standing Hip Mobility...or, Open The Gate w/ Coach Joey D

One of Joey’s exercises in The Big 3 is focused on hip mobility from a standing position. It’s a great example of a simple drill you can do to open up those hips and move better right now. Pro Tip: It’s also a great one to put in your ‘parking lot stretch’ ahead of your next round! 

  1. Stand in a neutral position with feet together.
  2. Cross hands over the top of your chest.
  3. Pick up your right leg and swing your right knee outward to "open the gate."
  4. Tap right toe lightly on the floor, then bring the knee back up to "close the gate."
  5. Repeat 10 times with the right leg, followed by 10 repetitions with the left let to complete the set.

Key Takeaways

  • Your lower body, especially your hips, plays a crucial role in your golf swing.
  • The "Open The Gate" exercise can help improve your hip mobility, leading to a more powerful and efficient swing.
  • A stronger and more balanced foundation creates a stable base upon which the upper body rotates to create maximum club head speed.

Improving the way your lower body functions in the golf swing isn't just about playing better golf. It's about moving better in everything you do, too. Move better. Feel better. Play Better. In that order.

For more detailed information and golf fitness exercises, take advantage of the free trial offer available now for the Golf Fitness by Hit It Great app to see the full Big 3 for this month – plus the entire Big 3 year-to-date.



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