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Limber Up with a Golf Flexibility Training Program

Hit IT Great Team Aug 18, 2021 8:45:00 AM


Many of our day-to-day activities create stiffness and tightness in ways we don’t pay a lot of attention to. Driving a car. Sitting at a desk. The average recreational golfer does not typically perform movements with big ranges of motion. But that’s exactly what we need to naturally improve flexibility.

If you want more distance, you need more speed. Better flexibility will help you get there. 

Know Where You're Flexible...And Where You're Not

The more flexible you are -- and awareness of where you’re not -- has a lot to do with what will occur in your golf swing. A lack of flexibility or mobility to move the golf club means certain manipulation of your swing to make up for those lacks. You can see it on the practice range on every golf course in the world.

Your body will compensate during your golf swing to do whatever it takes to create impact. 

For example, we see a lot of tight hamstrings. You need more flexibility in your hamstrings in order to help lengthen them and create more space in your golf swing.

Low back is another big culprit. Low backs tend to tighten, effectively shortening the muscles. This creates a limited or restricted ability to have a good posture. We tend to see a c-posture with people who have tight low backs.

Another major issue we see is lack of external and internal rotation of the shoulders. If there isn’t enough flexibility or ability to turn, the arms tend to keep moving, but the torso doesn’t rotate. Many great swing coaches and teachers will explain that you need to be able to turn the back to the target line.

The "Basic Requirements" of a Good Golf Body

In order to have a good golf body— to produce a consistent powerful golf swing— these things must be addressed. They are the “basic requirements” if you would. There are so many ways for you to have the ability to do what you don’t have body wise that gives you the ability to play better.

Check out this article for 3 simple exercises you can do every day around your home or office. You’ll be surprised at how much a bit of work every day will help you move better, swing better, and have more fun when you get out on the course!

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