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Under the Hood of a Faster Swing: The Role of Rotation

Team Hit IT Great Aug 9, 2023 9:30:00 AM


In the intricate dance that is a consistent and powerful golf swing, rotation plays a pivotal role. It's the engine that drives power, accuracy and consistency. In last month's installment of The Big 3 for our online golf fitness app, Coach Joey D delved deep into the essence of rotation and introduced three transformative exercises to supercharge this crucial aspect of your swing.


The Significance of Rotation in Golf

The golf swing's rhythm is dictated by rotation. It's the mechanism that allows players to harness power from the ground, channel it through their body and release it with precision and force. A golfer's ability to rotate efficiently determines the energy transferred to the ball, influencing both distance and direction.

Coach Joey D's Big Three Rotation Exercises

In our August Big 3, Coach Joey D added three rotation-enhancing exercises to our Golf Fitness by Hit It Great video library. Requiring just a light band, these drills are tailored to heighten neuromuscular awareness, boost rotational speed, and, ultimately, add yards to your drives. Here’s one of those exercises you can put to work into your golf fitness program today.

Forward Lunge with Torso Rotation

This exercise is a blend of stability and rotation, two essential components of a powerful golf swing:

  • Forward Lunge Position: Begin by stepping your right foot forward into a lunge. Ensure your forward knee is flexed but never goes over the toe. The knee should align with the laces of your shoe, ensuring safety and stability.

  • Band Placement: Once you've secured your lunge position, place the band across the front of your chest.

  • Torso Rotation: Without turning your head, rotate your torso to the right and then to the left. Ensure you're feeling the resistance from the band and that your quad muscles are engaged.

  • Repetition: As Joey D emphasizes, what you do to the right, you must do to the left. Try to rotate equally in both directions. Complete ten repetitions with right foot forward, then switch legs and complete ten repetitions to finish one full set. Repeat for two more sets.

  • Why It Matters: This exercise not only enhances your rotational ability but also helps in distinguishing between mere arm movement and genuine torso rotation in the golf swing. The band aids in making the arms active, helping the brain recognize what a full turn feels like. It's about feeling the movement rather than just thinking about it.

The Impact of Enhanced Rotation on Your Golf Game

With improved rotation comes a transformative effect on your golf game. Think of rotation in the golf swing as the engine in a car. A car might have the sleekest design, the most comfortable seats, and the best sound system, but without a powerful engine, it won't get you very far or very fast. Similarly, you might have shiny new clubs, the perfect stance, and a great grip, but without effective rotation, your golf game won't reach its full potential.

Rotation is the driving force behind every powerful swing, the engine that propels the ball with force and precision. As you enhance your rotation, you'll find increased power, better ball control, and a swing that feels more natural and fluid. It's a fundamental key to unlocking a fuller potential of your game, ensuring that every element comes together in harmony more often for a more consistent swing.


The journey to a better golf game begins with understanding and enhancing the foundational movements that contribute to a consistently successful swing. Rotation stands tall among these. Invest some time with Coach Joey D's expert guidance and you're on the path to a swing that's not just powerful, but also efficient and graceful. So, grab a light band and let’s get to work!


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